Frequent Questions (FAQ)


  1. How do I register at Fheel for free?

    You can register at Fheel for free in BRANDS section and publish your campaign also for free. brands_1_1_2: Para el registro inicial sólo te pediremos datos básicos (razón social, nombre de usuario, email y contraseña). Con esto ya puedes empezar a publicar campañas; los datos de facturación te los pediremos cuando vayas a efectuar el primer pago.

    For the first registry we only request basic data (company name, user name, e-mail and password). With this information you can already publish campaigns; we will request your invoicing data when making the first payment.

  2. How can I create a campaign in Fheel?

    Creating a campaign in Fheel is very easy. You only have to inform us about what kind of advertising you want to use (you can see all kinds of Fheel’s advertising here ), divide the target public into segments, mark the expected impact (visualizations) and add specific instructions for the Youtuber. Our platform will help you during the campaign configuration process.

  3. How much does the campaign cost?

    While configuring the campaign, you can select your budget in the budget / visualizations bar and decide how much to invest in each campaign.

    Once the campaign set up is finished, Fheel will calculate the total cost of your campaign based on the target impact and the selected youtubers. You can pay with Paypal.

  4. Which minimum budget do I have to invest?

    Tú decides cuanto quieres invertir en cada campaña, no existe un presupuesto máximo. Podrás disfrutar de nuestros servicios a partir de 6€.

  5. How do I choose Youtubers for my campaign?

    Once you have divided your campaign into segments, Fheel’s smart algorithm will show you those Youtubers who connect better with your target public, maximising this way the impact of each campaign.

    Influencers are classified according to your campaign parameters. You can analyse their profiles and select those you want to collaborate in your campaign. Campaigns can have one or several influencers, all depends on the impact or visualizations you want to achieve.

    You will receive a notification when the Youtuber invited accepts or rejects the campaign. In case of acceptance, he commits to deliver the work.

  6. Can I watch the promotional video made by the Youtuber before he publishes it in his channel?

    Yes. You will receive a notification when he sends you the link to the video he uploads in hidden mode to his channel. He will not publish the video until the brand validates it. We recommend to establish a delivery date with additional time for possible incidences.

    Remember that you only can reject a finished work if the Youtuber has unfulfilled some of the requirements established in the campaign configuration. Remember also that the advertising is a non-intrusive advertising, and each influencer will make the video by following his channel habits.

  7. Invoicing and payments

    Payments are made by means of your Paypal account. Once the youtuber or youtubers have accepted to collaborate, you must go to the shopping basket and make the payment. The agreed price shall be increased by the current taxes (currently, 21% of VAT).

    We will issue an invoice with the company name for each campaign carried out. We manage the payments for influencers. They do not receive the payments until each work is validated.

    In the case that some work is finally not validated, you can recover your balance in Paypal.

  8. How do I unsubscribe from Fheel?

    You can unsubscribe by log in your profile at any moment, as long as you do not have works pending to be received.

  9. Can advertising and marketing agencies register at Fheel?

    Currently, only one registry per each brand is allowed, but we are working in a panel exclusively for agencies. Until it is developed, we invite you to contact us at


  1. Which are the requirements to be part of Fheel?

    To log in and manage your profile as Youtuber, you must have sufficient influence in YouTube. Although it depends on several factors, in general terms, the videos of your channel must have an average audience between 10-20k. If you meet the requirements, the platform will validate your registry automatically.

  2. How must I complete my profile?

    Once you have registered, it is very important that you complete your profile with all data. To give a good impression, upload a profile photo. In order to receive the payments, you have to provide us with your Paypal account when completing some campaign.

    What kind of videos can I make?

    All the campaigns will be settled in the videos you make as usual, you do not have to modify your style or your habits. You will receive offers with three kinds of campaigns: Branded Content, Product Placement or Sponsored Link. You can see the explanation of each one here.

  3. What kind of bond will I have with Fheel if I register?

    If you register at Fheel, you will not have any kind of permanence or exclusive contract. You only commit to create a video according to the advertiser’s instructions when you accept an invitation to a campaign. You can unsubscribe when you want, providing that you do not have pending campaigns.

  4. Can Youtubers’ representatives log in Fheel?

    Representatives can register your YouTube channel at Fheel and manage all the offers you receive easily.

  5. How are payments made? / How can I receive payments?

    You have to link your Paypal account to receive the payments (if you do not have one yet, you can create it here: ). Every time a brand validates your work, you can go to the income panel to validate the invoice and you will see your available account balance. You can remove the money when you want or accumulate it and remove higher amounts.

  6. Invoicing

    Every Youtuber is responsible for declaring the income received by his work in accordance with the applicable legislation in his country of residence. When registering, we will ask you if you are an individual or a legal entity to apply the current taxes at that moment. If you are an individual, the agreed price will be increased by the corresponding VAT (21%) and we will apply a 15% withholding as general rule. When registering, we indicate how to contact us if you have different conditions or some question.

    Do not worry about invoicing, you can download the invoices we issue automatically for you from your income panel.

  7. Who decides which Youtuber makes a video for a campaign?

    When an advertiser creates a campaign, Fheel’s algorithm analyses the segmented public and will connect him with those Youtubers who reach his target public. The advertiser will manually choose the Youtubers he wants to work with and will send them an invitation. The Youtuber can accept or reject the campaigns.

  8. Which is the production process of a video?

    After the brand gives the Youtuber green-light to make the campaign, the influencer will prepare a normal video as usual, but introducing the brand’s instructions. The Youtuber must send the brand a link to the video through his panel for Fheel campaign management within the agreed period. The video must be uploaded to his YouTube channel in hidden mode. He cannot publish it yet.

    The brand can VALIDATE the video or reject it if ii does not meet any requirement or instruction. In this case, the Youtuber must do the changes needed to comply with the agreed instructions.

    Once the video is validated by the brand, the Influencer can upload the video to his YouTube channel.

  9. Who has the video copyright?

    Videos belong to those youtubers who make them, companies are collaborators that pay for an advertising service. The video creator will have the copyright of the work.

    How do I unsubscribe from Fheel?

    You can unsubscribe by logging in your profile at any moment, as long as you do not have works pending to be delivered.